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If you’re a breastfeeding mom looking to resolve ANY problem you're having, so you can have an enjoyable, confident, and sustainable breastfeeding experience--you’re in the right place!

We help women like you go from about-to-give-up to surpassing your breastfeeding goals. We work closely with you to through compassionate support and boldly honest answers to what’s *really* going on so you can confidently enjoy breastfeeding your baby.

"I was at my wit's end having suffered for over a month with painful breastfeeding. I was taking OTC pain meds but knew I couldn't keep doing that. My goal was to breastfeed for a year but realized I wouldn't make it without help. I found Jacqueline on Yelp and was able to schedule with her right away. Long story short my daughter needed buccal, lip and tongue ties released. With physical therapy and follow up visits from Jacqueline my daughter recovered beautifully. Breastfeeding was less painful in two weeks and painless shortly after that. Jacqueline saved my breastfeeding journey. I can't thank her enough and will not hesitate to use her again if I have a second child. I've recommended her numerous times to friends and colleagues. Thank you Jacqueline for all you do in educating and supporting mamas."

Dulcinea H.
Grateful Mama

What Makes Us Different

As a leader in breastfeeding telehealth, we serve clients all over the world. Everyone on our team is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with advanced training to support families with even the most complex issues.

We use a modern holistic approach.

We consider you & your baby as one entity--a dyad

We look at your mental health, amount of time in your day, the support you have at home, your access to resources, and the issues you're facing, to come up with a plan that is sustainable and resolves problems once and for all

We use the latest evidence and clinical protocols to inform our care

We support YOU in the goals you've set for yourself

We recommend the most natural options first, but take into consideration what will give you the best result with the least amount of struggle

We provide the emotional support you need to move forward & feel confident about breastfeeding

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“I will tell anyone looking for help that she is the one to go to.”


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