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Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC®, CSOM

CEO & Clinical Manager

As a leader in breastfeeding & lactation support, Jacqueline serves clients locally and all over the world. She's an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology (which is a fancy name for specialist in oral function).

Jacqueline helps mothers competently & confidently breastfeed. She works with clients to remove the compensations they've been using to make things work, and instead achieve functional breastfeeding outcomes. This means she gets to the root cause in order to fix the true problem. 

Jacqueline views breastfeeding as a vital sign. How a baby breastfeeds has everything to do with their development later on in life. Whether it's their airway, emotional regulation, neurodevelopment, digestion, and so much more. To her, having difficulty breastfeeding isn't just a breastfeeding problem--it's a health problem.

Her own journey of struggling to breastfeed both of her children is ultimately what led her to this path of holistically support other families to achieve their breastfeeding & lactation goals.

Cait Ahern, BS, IBCLC®

Lactation Consultant

Cait is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Birth Educator with her degree in Child and Adolescent Development. She helps families with the whole spectrum of infant feeding difficulties—from newborn latch to teething toddlers. She specializes in oral ties, pumping, older babies, and low supply. Cait is also experienced in caring for Neurodivergent families, and offers accommodations to ensure support for every family’s needs.

Her passion for infant feeding support blossomed from her own breastfeeding struggles as a first time mom. With a team of help, she was able to overcome the initial roadblocks and nurse her son for two years, and then her daughter a few years later! From these experiences, she knew she had to become part of the support system that uplifts and empowers parents. Now through advocating, education, and personalized support, she helps families reach their feeding goals. 

Cait is a mom of two spectacular and spunky kids, enjoys reading in every spare moment, and loves spending time outdoors in her beautiful home state of Idaho. 

Gina Nigro, IBCLC®

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Lactation Consultant

Gina has been assisting breastfeeding mothers in-person for over 25 years, and now through telehealth all over the world. She understands that while many pregnant mothers expect to breastfeed, almost none receive preparation for the possible difficulties and the rollercoaster of emotions when things are not working.

Like many new mothers, when Gina had her first baby, she was overwhelmed by conflicting information: at the hospital, at the pediatrician, and from well-meaning friends and family.

Gina’s realization that she would have missed out on the experience of pain-free breastfeeding had it not been for the support she received, led her to want to “pay it forward” and help others. She first trained as a volunteer breastfeeding counselor in Houston, Texas, then as a birth doula in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and finally sat for the exam to become an IBCLC in Seville, Spain. She continues to lead monthly breastfeeding support meetings online and in-person.

Gina believes that all mothers deserve quality emotional and educational support so they can have an amazing experience breastfeeding their babies. It shouldn’t be just a matter of good luck. She's dedicated to giving mothers effective guidance and caring support with real results. Her greatest satisfaction is the joy of seeing that look on both mothers’ and babies’ faces that says: Just what I always wanted!

Megan Schoenleber

Online Business Manager

Megan is an Online Business Manager with a degree in Business Management. She works behind the scenes to keep the team organized, serves as Jacqueline's right-hand, and manages all the moving pieces in the business.

When Megan became a first-time mom 2 months before the pandemic hit, she really struggled to find the right support to help with her breastfeeding roadblocks. Megan is passionate about working with Holistic Lactation so other moms don't have to struggle like she did. 

Megan is a mom of an active little girl, married to her college sweetheart, and a proud cat-mom. She loves to read, spend time outside, and resides in Omaha, Nebraska (where you can experience all 4 seasons in any given week).


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