Episode 14: Why Your Postpartum Pelvic Health Matters with Dr. Robyn Wilhelm

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

In this eye-opening episode, we are talking all things postpartum pelvic health with Dr. Robyn Wihelm! She is a Women's Health and Pelvic Physical Therapist and Health & Wellness Mindset Coach currently offering virtual consultations and in-person visits in Mesa, AZ. If you're like most new moms, you may be wondering why pelvic physical therapy is even a thing and why you'd need it. In this episode we are discussing the importance of pelvic pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and postpartum. In fact, many countries outside the US have it as part of their healthcare model.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What is pelvic physical therapy!?
  • Signs you need to be evaluated
  • What pelvic PT is like
  • How your pelvic health is important for your postpartum and breastfeeding journey

Dr. Wilhelm's Website: www.wilhelmpt.com
Dr. Wilhelm on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wilhelmpt
Dr. Wilhelm on Instagram: www.instagram.com/drrobynpelvicpt

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