Episode 69: Why Did I Decide to Launch A Physical Product?

milk supply Jun 08, 2022
In today’s episode, Jacqueline shares why she decided to launch and create a physical product. She reveals what makes her products unique, why her brand is different, why she chose the ingredients, and how she navigated this process. 

Owning a company that creates its own product is not for everybody, but Jacqueline shares why she stuck with it and some of her trials and tribulations. She talks about her battle with imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, and learning how to navigate large retailers like Amazon and WalMart. 

In today's show we discuss:

  • What drove Jacqueline to want to launch and create a physical product
  • What trials and tribulations she faced while creating her products
  • Why her brand is different
  • What makes her products unique
  • Why she chose the ingredients she chose
  • How Jacqueline navigated the entire process

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [3:39] Jacqueline decides to start expanding her team to help fulfill the needs of her clients while balancing her personal life
  • [5:30] She starts researching botanicals and herbs from multiple cultures
  • [6:55] Through this combination of learning herbs and knowing her patients, Jacqueline feels confident to create a product for her clients
  • [13:29] Clients begin to express interest in Jacqueline creating a supplement, but she faces many limiting beliefs
  • [15:40] Jacqueline starts networking and looking for manufacturers
  • [21:43] When her first product launches, Jacqueline learns about returns and customer reviews
  • [36:49] What’s in the Advanced Lactation Formula?

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