Episode 85: What Stops Women From Breastfeeding

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2022

In this episode, Jacqueline reviews some common reasons that keep women from breastfeeding. Moms are feeling an immense amount of pressure from society to breastfeed, but there’s a huge lack of support and knowledge around the topic. Even formula marketing pushes new moms to supplement when not needed.

Jacqueline addresses these issues head-on and provides some amazing insight on how to battle these obstacles and where to seek support.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

● How societal norms are causing more and more women to not breastfeed

● Differences between actual low milk supply and perceived low milk supply

● Why the healthcare system is failing new moms

● Why it’s so hard for working moms to keep up their supply

A glance at this episode:

● [2:47] How society norms are getting in the way of breastfeeding past one year

● [4:37] When a mom expresses difficulty with breastfeeding, she’s often pressured to give up with no regard to how she feels

● [9:03] The difference between perceived low milk supply and an actual low milk supply

● [10:16] Some reasons why a mom would think she had low milk supply

● [11:50] How perceived low milk supply can mentally ruin your supply

● [13:00] Jacqueline talks about the effects of formula marketing for breastfeeding mothers

● [16:35] Parental leave is causing women to go back to work sooner making it really hard for them to manage a good pumping schedule and supply

● [20:07] There are numerous obstacles in and around the healthcare system that make it almost impossible for a new mother to meet her breastfeeding goals

● [27:47] Jacqueline’s advice and words of encouragement

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