Episode 93: The IBCLC Side of Treating Oral Ties w/ Allison Alexander LPN, IBCLC



In this episode, Jacqueline is joined by Allison Alexander from Skilled Lactation Solutions as they chat about treating oral ties and what that looks like. Together, they help navigate what can often be a confusing process of tongue ties and what the best path is when you think your baby has one. 

They also discuss some signs and symptoms of ties, and who should be on your baby’s care team if you suspect your baby has ties. Allison gives her perspective as a lactation consultant who works with families with tied babies. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Some key things to look for if you suspect your baby has ties
  • Who you should reach out to and who should be on your care team
  • What kind of tools and procedures are available if your baby has ties
  • How ties can affect your baby and breastfeeding


A glance at this episode:

  • [5:16] Foundational things to look at while breastfeeding 
  • [13:11] What to look for in an IBCLC if you suspect your baby has a tie
  • [18:43] How often to see an IBCLC
  • [28:50] Who should do the procedure and why you should find the right specialist for your child
  • [30:40] The best tools to perform tie corrections and who has them available
  • [40:30] Why ties affect breastfeeding so much


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