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Episode 83: The Nuances of Pumping & Tips for Success


In this episode, Jacqueline addresses the nuances of pumping and shares some of her best tips for a successful pumping journey. Through Jacqueline’s experience and collaboration with other IBCLCs, she brings you the facts and knowledge of just how challenging pumping can be, and how to have a successful pumping experience. 

Jacqueline shares these tips with you to empower you, encourage you, and let you know that you’re doing the best you can.

If you’ve been struggling on your pumping journey this episode will provide some amazing tips and tricks to stay motivated while pumping, along with some suggestions on how to find th best pumping supplies. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How mindset can affect your milk supply & keeping a positive perspective
  • Why having the correct flange size is crucial to your pumping journey, and how to properly fit for your sizing
  • How to choose a breast pump that is right for you 
  • Pumping...
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