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Episode 95: Plugged Ducts & Mastitis with Victoria Rothbard, CLC


In this episode, Jacqueline is joined by Victoria Rothbard, a CLC who faced countless challenges throughout her journey, including recurrent plugged ducts and mastitis. Victoria often received conflicting advice and quickly learned that there is a lot of misleading breastfeeding information out there. Together, Jacqueline and Victoria clear up some key pieces of information around mastitis, pumping, and clogged ducts. 

Victoria decided to become a Certified Lactation Counselor to help provide parents with evidence-based support. Jacqueline and Victoria discuss the Academy of Breastfeeding Protocol and its response from other lactation consultants. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • When nipple shields should and shouldn’t be used
  • How to navigate the weaning process
  • Signs and symptoms of clogged ducts and mastitis
  • What to do if you’re experiencing mastitis
  • ABM Protocols and the response


A glance at this episode:

  • [2:20] Victoria...
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Episode 94: Lessons in Lactation Support: 25+ Years Helping Breastfeeding Moms with Gina Nigro, IBCLC



In this episode, Jacqueline is joined by team member, Gina Nigro, a bilingual IBCLC who has helped support families for over 25 years. They discuss the importance of supporting all mothers with breastfeeding choices, the cultural differences when it comes to motherhood, and how to find support within your community as a new mother. 

The best IBCLCs have their own personal breastfeeding experience and understand that all babies are different. They also have the luxury of trusting the process and being able to convey the value and normalcy of small steps towards a better breastfeeding experience. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About Gina and Jacqueline’s partnership and how Gina got started in birth work
  • Cultural differences when it comes to maternity leave and breastfeeding
  • How to build and sustain new relationships as a new mother
  • Why you should have a support team going into new motherhood


A glance at this episode:

  • [3:02] How...
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