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Episode 80: Mom Journey: Navigating New Motherhood with Sarah Hollingsworth

mom journey Aug 24, 2022

In today’s episode, Jacqueline is joined by Sarah Hollingsworth, Founder & CEO of Poppylist. After a difficult return to the workforce from maternity leave, Sarah decided to step away from her career to focus on family, health, and to pursue a new entrepreneurial journey. In July of 2019, Sarah launched Poppylist, a simplified baby registry platform that helps parents be who they want to be, starting with the right products for their growing family. Sarah resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Scott, and two daughters, Amelia and Zoey.

Sarah has a very relatable story about becoming a new mom, dealing with breastfeeding and mental health issues. She says what we know a lot of moms are feeling on a daily basis, and Jacqueline validates all of these feelings and thoughts. Being a mom is hard work, but listening to Sarah’s story just may leave you feeling like you’re not really alone. 

In this show, you'll hear:

  • Sarah's birth journeys...
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Episode 79: Cleft Babies & Breastfeeding

cleft mom journey Aug 17, 2022

In today’s episode, Jacqueline is joined by Alyssa Messick. A mom of two on her journey of integrating cleft with breastfeeding. Alyssa shares her story about trying to feed her newborn babies while being a new mom and trying to keep her mental health stable.

This is a great episode for any mama with a cleft baby, or expecting a cleft baby. This is definitely a unique challenge and a lot of women wonder how they can combine that journey with breastfeeding. This is also an amazing story of perseverance, and one determined mama.

In today's show, we discuss:

  • Types of clefts that Alyssa’s children were diagnosed with
  • How Alyssa mentally dealt with the diagnoses
  • Both of Alyssa’s birth stories and beyond
  • Pumping for her first child
  • Breastfeeding her second child
  • How Alyssa supports women today

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [1:16] Alyssa shares how she found out her children were cleft and how she dealt with the diagnosis
  • [4:23] Types of clefts that...
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Episode 74: Mom Journey: Breastfeeding After Losing a Baby

mom journey Jul 13, 2022


In today’s episode, Jacqueline has a very special guest to share her breastfeeding journey. Jennifer Shafer is actually our podcast manager but has such an amazing story that we had to pull her from behind the scenes. 

Jennifer is a mom of two boys and she’s been on her breastfeeding journey for almost 6 years now. She’s gone from figuring out everything as a first-time mom with no help, to donating 5000 ounces after losing her 3rd child. She’s tandem nursed, nursed through pregnancies, dry nursed, and experienced clogged ducts. 

If you are in need of breastmilk or would like to donate, you can search Human Milk 4 Human Babies (your area) on Facebook. 

*This episode does reference the loss of a newborn so please be advised when listening.

In today's show, we discuss:

  • Breastfeeding as a first-time mom after an unplanned c-section
  • Battling clogged ducts and lip ties
  • Tandem nursing after nursing...
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Episode 68: Biggest Mistakes I Made While Breastfeeding

mom journey Jun 01, 2022

In today’s episode, Jacqueline reveals some of the biggest mistakes she made while breastfeeding and how she overcame them. 

From not recognizing signs of ties to being influenced by the internet, Jacqueline pushed through multiple obstacles that make up her breastfeeding journey. She didn’t wean her son during pregnancy but felt guilty for weaning her daughter too soon, Jacqueline realized that every baby is different and every nursing journey doesn’t have to be identical.

In the end, are these really ‘mistakes’ or are these just ‘lessons’ that every mom goes through? 

In today's show we discuss:

  • How a lack of knowledge and incorrect information can alter your breastfeeding journey, and where to seek proper support
  • Mom brain and denial are a real thing and should not be ignored
  • The importance of setting boundaries in your nursing journey and self-care
  • Knowing when to wean and when to pump and how to go about it ...
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Episode 67: Parent Journey: Prince & Heidi Sabena (Part 2)


In today’s episode, we continue Prince and Heidi’s parent journey with their daughter, Ruby while living in Africa. We come to the resolution of their breastfeeding journey and how they finally got help and sought the answers they needed. 

Jacqueline discusses the dynamic between Prince & Heidi, their marriage, and their journey as co-parents going through this entire process together. Prince tells his perspective on the entire process and balancing breastfeeding and formula. The couple also looks back on the entire process.

In today's show we discuss:

  • Researching options for surgery and recovery therapy
  • Coming to terms with what needs to be done for Ruby
  • Moving through Ruby’s surgery and post op
  • Therapy, stretches, and recovery
  • How Ruby is doing today and looking back on their experience
  • Moving through balancing formula and breastfeeding 

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [2:09] Heidi and Prince realize they need to start researching other...
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Episode 66: Parent Journey: Prince & Heidi Sabena (Part 1)


In today’s episode, we talk about Prince and Heidi’s parent journey with their daughter, Ruby while living in Africa. Prince and Heidi share their adventures of breastfeeding and what it’s like to deliver a baby in a third-world country during a pandemic.

This is a story of tongue and lip ties, an incredible marriage, and perseverance. Stay tuned for part two to finish out their story, see what ended up happening to Ruby, and how things are today. 

In today's show we discuss:

  • A c-section and a NICU stay during a pandemic in a developing country
  • Overcoming exhaustion with a colicky baby
  • Pumping and breastfeeding with limited access to supplies
  • A father’s role and sacrifice for his baby

A Glance at This Episode:

  • [2:34] Prince & Heidi’s introduction
  • [7:46] Ruby’s c-section at 35 weeks gestation
  • [10:50] How they got a pump and what was available to them
  • [13:17] Bringing Ruby home and beginning their breastfeeding journey
  • [17:15]...
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Episode 63: Medications During Lactation with Dr. Leslie Southard


Dr. Leslie Southard  is the  owner of The Lactation Pharmacist and is here to share her incredible expertise with us about what types of medications & supplements can transfer into breastmilk & how it happens. We are debunking ALL the myths today, so pay close attention! She also shares her harrowing journey of nursing her daughter through chemotherapy.


 Other ways to enjoy this episode:

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Episode 53: Mom Journey - Untying Oral Tethers w/ Cassandra Thompson

mom journey tongue tie Aug 08, 2021

Cassandra Thompson is the mother to Mari, a mom advocate, and creator of the Unbound Network. Cassandra is here today to share with us her non-medical perspective of ties as a mom who has experiences a lot of unnecessary obstacles to breastfeeding her child.

Cassandra began sharing her journey with her daughter on Instagram just two months ago, but already she's putting into words so many of the struggles parents of children with tongue, lip and buccal ties face.

We explore Mari's issues with ties from birth until her current age of 14 months. And the journey isn't over yet! Cassandra shares the emotional aspect, the practical challenges, the complexity of finding the right treatment, and so much more. Her story is her own, so it may not be what yours is or will be like.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The most common issues with getting ties diagnosed and treated
  • Why bodywork is important
  • What to expect when your baby has ties
  • Tips for...
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Episode 52: Mom Journey - Breastmilk Donor to Breastmilk Recipient


On this episode, we invited Keira Chojnacki to share her breastfeeding journey with her four kiddos. She has been a breastmilk donor, and also a milk donation recipient. Her journey is very unique and diverse.

Keira became a mom at 20 years old. Right after her first baby was born, the first latch was magical. She had a fairly easy breastfeeding journey with her son and was able to donate 400oz of milk when he son was just 3-4 months old.

When her son was 1 year old, she decided to get a breast reduction and continued to give her son the stored breastmilk she had saved up after that. Two years later, Keira gave birth to her second son who ended up in the NICU for an entire month. She started out exclusively pumping and was able to make enough milk for him. She ultimately weaned at 3 months though because it was too difficult to maintain pumping with her two children and everything she had going on in her life.

With her daughter, Keira really wanted to try breastfeeding...

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Episode 48: Breastfeeding Advice from Fellow Moms


In today's episode, Jacqueline is sharing the advice fellow breastfeeding moms gave on a recent Instagram post asking, "If you could tell fellow breastfeeding moms one thing, what would it be?" The answers were impressive, wise, deep, and comforting. Listen in to hear what other moms have learned on their own breastfeeding journeys. Their message of support is needed!


 Other ways to enjoy this episode:

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