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Episode 52: Mom Journey - Breastmilk Donor to Breastmilk Recipient


On this episode, we invited Keira Chojnacki to share her breastfeeding journey with her four kiddos. She has been a breastmilk donor, and also a milk donation recipient. Her journey is very unique and diverse.

Keira became a mom at 20 years old. Right after her first baby was born, the first latch was magical. She had a fairly easy breastfeeding journey with her son and was able to donate 400oz of milk when he son was just 3-4 months old.

When her son was 1 year old, she decided to get a breast reduction and continued to give her son the stored breastmilk she had saved up after that. Two years later, Keira gave birth to her second son who ended up in the NICU for an entire month. She started out exclusively pumping and was able to make enough milk for him. She ultimately weaned at 3 months though because it was too difficult to maintain pumping with her two children and everything she had going on in her life.

With her daughter, Keira really wanted to try breastfeeding...

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Episode 23: Why Oversupply Is a Problem

milk supply oversupply Jun 25, 2020

In this episode, Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC goes into the reasons why oversupply of breastmilk is actually a problem, and not a good thing. Many moms seem to feel inadequate if they aren't able to pump bottles FULL of milk. This perception is undermining mothers and sabotaging breastfeeding.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What oversupply is and is not
  • Why oversupply happens
  • Real strategies to fix oversupply
  • Why we can no longer measure motherhood in ounces



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