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Episode 89: Getting Comfortable in Your Breastfeeding Body with Melissa Wirt



In this episode, Jacqueline chats with the owner and creator of Latched Mama, breastfeeding-accessible clothing for all sizes and shapes. Melissa shares how she got the idea to start a clothing line, how she adapts different styles, and how she accommodates 0 - 4X sizes.

Postpartum often is overlooked and under planned, leaving a new mom feeling alone and lost. Jacqueline and Melissa talk about mental health and the importance of feeling comfort in those postpartum months. Latched Mama clothes don't just make you feel warm and cozy, there’s an entire line of support behind the clothes with every single associate being a CLC. 

Melissa takes us behind the business of Latched Mama clothing line, and the community she’s built for breastfeeding moms. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why Melissa created Latched Mama clothing line
  • How Latched Mama caters to sizes 0 - 4X 
  • The importance of feeling comfort through postpartum
  • The community and...
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Episode 84: This Week In Breastfeeding


In this episode, Jacqueline shares some of the latest breastfeeding news articles. She breaks them down to relay the information and facts and then she shares her perspective about each article. These articles address things like mental health, anxiety around breastfeeding, inducing lactation, and Kylie Jenner’s lactation mishap. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Some of the latest breastfeeding articles that are circling the web
  • What avenues you have as a breastfeeding mother for support in your journey
  • Why more moms are turning to breastfeeding 

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:56] That the newest Holistic Lactation supplement has launched and is ready for purchase
  • [4:03] Jacqueline discusses a recent hot topic about transgender people lactating
  • [9:40] Kylie Jenner has a lactation mishap and Jacqueline covers the story
  • [12:25] Jacqueline addresses the formula vs. breastfeeding war and shares an article about taking the pressure off while feeding your...
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