Lactation supplements that work

Our specialized blends of organic and high-quality ingredients took years of research and clinical experience to formulate.



Increase & Support Milk Supply

Learn more about our Advanced Lactation Formula and how it can help you increase breastmilk production & sustain your milk supply throughout breastfeeding.

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Clear & Prevent Plugged Ducts/Mastitis

Learn more about our Lactation Flow Formula and how it can help you increase milk flow, clear plugged ducts, and treat/prevent mastitis during lactation.

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Sarah Whitehouse

"holy milk! I am 8 months pp and exclusively nurse. I pump once a day before I go to bed and nurse between 3-4 am. I got the lactation blend yesterday and took it in the afternoon. I pumped "my typical amount before bed and woke at 230 engorged. grabbed baby out of bed and nursed one side and I had to get up and pump 11 EXTRA OUNCES at 245 😂😂 I will def stick to taking once a day and may just take 1-2 capsules. Important to note I am generally pretty sensitive to herbs but haven't had this much response to any other brands. This is pretty potent!!"

About the Brand

Meet Our Founder

Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM is the founder of Holistic Lactation. Woman-owned, and the only company making supplements for breastfeeding that are created by a clinician.

Our Lactation Formulas were born out of Jacqueline's frustration seeing moms who've "tried it all" but weren't able to overcome common breastfeeding problems.

Years of research and clinical experience led her to find the perfect blends of natural ingredients to holistically support moms to achieve their breastfeeding goals.