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If you’re a breastfeeding mom looking to resolve ANY problem you're having, so you can have an enjoyable, confident, and sustainable breastfeeding experience--you’re in the right place!

I help women like you go from about-to-give-up to surpassing your breastfeeding goals. I work closely with you to through compassionate support and boldly honest answers to what’s *really* going on so you can confidently enjoy breastfeeding your baby.

"I was at my wit's end having suffered for over a month with painful breastfeeding. I was taking OTC pain meds but knew I couldn't keep doing that. My goal was to breastfeed for a year but realized I wouldn't make it without help. I found Jacqueline on Yelp and was able to schedule with her right away. Long story short my daughter needed buccal, lip and tongue ties released. With physical therapy and follow up visits from Jacqueline my daughter recovered beautifully. Breastfeeding was less painful in two weeks and painless shortly after that. Jacqueline saved my breastfeeding journey. I can't thank her enough and will not hesitate to use her again if I have a second child. I've recommended her numerous times to friends and colleagues. Thank you Jacqueline for all you do in educating and supporting mamas."

Dulcinea H.
Grateful Mama

Meet Jacqueline

I'm a leading breastfeeding expert, serving my clients locally and all over the world. I'm an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology (which is a fancy name for specialist in oral function).

I help mothers competently & confidently breastfeed. I work with my clients to remove the compensations they've been using to make things work, and instead achieve functional breastfeeding outcomes. What does this mean? It means we tackle the root cause and heal what's going on.

What most people fail to realize is the true importance of breastfeeding. It's not all about the benefits of human milk. Truthfully, how we do one thing is how we do everything.

To me, breastfeeding is a vital sign. How your baby breastfeeds has everything to do with their development later on in life. Whether it's their airway, emotional regulation, neurodevelopment, digestion, and so much more. If your baby can't breastfeed *properly* all on its own, it's not just a breastfeeding problem--it's an overall health problem.

This is what I help my clients heal.


See what other moms are saying about working with Jacqueline...

“Before hiring Jacqueline I was lost, upset and heartbroken breastfeeding wasn’t working. After working with Jacqueline I am a confident, happy and empowered momma! Give yourself the gift of working with Jacqueline because you CAN breastfeed your baby. You got this mama!”



You CAN Breastfeed Your Baby, and Do It with Confidence

"My entire breastfeeding journey has been improved since working with Jacqueline. I faced struggles due to my baby’s tongue and lip ties, poor latch, low weight gain, poor supply, gut health issues, and dietary struggles. With Jacqueline’s help I have been able to resolve all of these issues (some are still a work in progress!). Prior to working with Jacqueline I felt defeated and unsure if I could meet my goals with breastfeeding. Since working with her I feel confident that I actually can meet my goals and have a great breastfeeding relationship with my baby."




“I will tell anyone looking for help that she is the one to go to.”


What if every feeding was easy?

Your baby was thriving?

You were confident?

YOU were thriving?


Think my claims are impossible? Fair enough.

If you're anything like the moms I've helped, you might be thinking breastfeeding just isn't meant to be, or that it will always be hard. If you think your breastfeeding issues can't be improved, read these comments from my clients who thought the same thing but learned that it's never too late to get the help you need:

"I had been struggling with Mastitis and issues breast feeding. After several other specialists had said my daughter had no ties, Jaqueline swiftly caught them. She sent me to someone who could properly fix this issue for my daughter. She also helped with strategies and tools to retrain my daughter to nurse. She was caring and kind. She listened and was patient. She really knows her stuff. She SAVED us both, quite literally."

Renee Mazich
Past Client

Become a Successful Breastfeeding Mom


Want a full milk supply (with a freezer stash too)?

Want to keep breastfeeding even if you have to go back to work?

Want to make sure your baby is thriving and you're not suffering along the way?

Need coaching on how to ride the wave of emotions, doubt, and self-sabotage that almost every postpartum mom struggles with?

I've got this breastfeeding thing figured out, and love to be your breastfeeding concierge!

I’ll give you super-smart strategies to optimize ALL THINGS BREASTFEEDING.

Sound like what you need? Check out the options below to work with me!



20 or 60 minute in-depth evaluation & advice

Resolve complex issues

Written care plan

Easy to schedule and get help anywhere in the world!

Billable to insurance




Unlimited messages throughout the whole month

Expert advice for all the questions that come up while breastfeeding

Trusted & personalized advice for you & your baby

Replies in 24 hours on weekdays




30 or 90 minute in-depth evaluation & hands-on care

Resolve complex issues

Written care plan

Premium care delivered in the comfort of your own home

Billable to insurance


“Jacqueline is a beacon of light in the darkness.”


Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Affordable Care Act, many lactation services are now covered by some insurance plans. Only video or in-person appointments are eligible for coverage. To find out what your plan will cover specifically, contact your insurance provider directly. In some cases we will submit a claim directly to your insurance provider on your behalf. In other cases, we will provide you with a superbill to seek reimbursement on your own. Unlimited Monthly Support subscriptions and online classes are not eligible for insurance coverage at this time.

As long as you are within 20 minutes of the zip code 85018, we will come to your home at no extra charge. We will travel another 20 minutes outside of that for an additional $50, which is payable at the time of your visit.

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