Hey there! I'm Jacqueline,

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant & Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology who treats infants and lactating parents. I treat a breadth of conditions with a modern & holistic approach, utilizing virtual capabilities to provide clinical care & treatment. I'd be so honored to serve you.

Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC

Hey there! I'm Jacqueline,

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant & Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology who treats infants and lactating parents. I treat a breadth of conditions with a modern & holistic approach, utilizing virtual capabilities and in-person clinical care to provide treatment that otherwise may not be available. I'd be so honored to serve you.

Conditions I Work With:

Low Milk Supply \ Tongue, Lip & Buccal Ties \ Oversupply \ Food Intolerances \ Reflux \ Latching Problems \ Thrush \ Pumping \ Bottle Feeding \ Prenatal Prep \ Starting Solid Foods \ Mastitis \ Clogged Ducts \ Adoptive Breastfeeding \ Relactation \ Sleep Issues \ Weaning & Night Weaning \ and more...

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Client Testimonial

"Jacqueline was a godsend to us as parents. She actively listened to us, and thoughtfully advised us through our many breastfeeding challenges. Her oversight of our son’s tongue, lip and cheek tie surgery and post-surgery care was above and beyond. She quickly put our fears to rest when we had concerns, and referred us to trusted specialists when needed. She is a consummate professional with the perfect combination of knowledge, patience and compassion. We are so grateful for her positive contribution to our child’s development. We can’t recommend her enough."

-Brandon, Keri and Gage Gartley


What I Do


You CAN Breastfeed Your Baby, and Do It with Confidence

If you’re a breastfeeding mom looking to resolve ANY problem you're having, so you can have an enjoyable, confident, and sustainable breastfeeding experience--you’re in the right place!

I help women like you go from about-to-give-up to surpassing your breastfeeding goals. I work closely with you to through compassionate support and boldly honest answers to what’s *really* going on so you can confidently enjoy breastfeeding your baby.


See what moms like you are saying about working with Jacqueline:

Holistic Lactation review


I had been struggling with Mastitis and issues breast feeding. After several other specialists had said my daughter had no ties, Jaqueline swiftly caught them. She sent me to someone who could properly fix this issue for my daughter. She also helped with strategies and tools to retrain my daughter to nurse. She was caring and kind. She listened and was patient. She really knows her stuff. She SAVED us both, quite literally.

Holistic Lactation review


My son was born in April of this year and had severe gas, digestive issues and colic like symptoms after every feeding along with a poor latch. At 8 weeks we decided enough was enough. We were referred to Jacqueline by our family chiropractor and called her right away. Jacqueline was able to make time to see us quickly and confirmed that our son had a lip and a tongue tie which we had suspected. She has expert knowledge and experience when it comes to lip and tongue ties and is great at explaining everything during her consultation. She helped us pre and post correction procedure with helpful exercises and other coping strategies. She goes above and beyond when it comes to lactation care... offering resources, referrals, and other support. She was honest and straight forward with us on things that were tough, but that we needed to hear and was willing to do whatever she could on her end to help us have a positive and successful breastfeeding experience. Today at almost 5 months, our son is doing so well with breastfeeding and he is happy, healthy and thriving. Thanks for all your help and support Jacqueline!

Holistic Lactation review


My entire breastfeeding journey has been improved since working with Jacqueline. I faced struggles due to my baby’s tongue and lip ties, poor latch, low weight gain, poor supply, gut health issues, and dietary struggles. With Jacqueline’s help I have been able to resolve all of these issues (some are still a work in progress!). Prior to working with Jacqueline I felt defeated and unsure if I could meet my goals with breastfeeding. Since working with her I feel confident that I actually can meet my goals and have a great breastfeeding relationship with my baby.

Holistic Lactation Review


I regret that I’m just now getting around to writing this, but I couldn’t call my breastfeeding journey successful until just recently. My baby is 3 months old, and I saw Jacqueline and her team when she was almost 2 weeks old. I had so many struggles in the early days, and everyone at Holistic Lactation was so kind, positive, and supportive. They found my daughter’s tongue and lip ties and gave advice that saved our breastfeeding relationship. I thought I would never be able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter, but she has now been exclusively breastfed for about a month! I can’t thank the team at Holistic Lactation enough, and should I run into any issues down the road I will be back in a heartbeat.

Holistic Lactation Review


Nursing my son was so painful, his poor latch made nursing something I dreaded. He was causing so much damage to me I grew fearful of feeding him. We suspected he had a tongue and lip tie, but we had no clue what to do so I made an appointment with Jacqueline and hoped she would be able to help us. When we met with Jacqueline she helped us get a plan in place for having his tongue and lip tie released. She sent us to a top notch provider for his release and also recommended several excellent chiropractors for us to see afterwards. She is very knowledgeable and armed us with a ton of information and exercises to do with my son. Jacqueline is nothing short of amazing! With Jacqueline's help we were able to get my son the help he needed for his tongue and lip tie, and also get much needed assistance to help teach him how to latch again. The past two weeks have been so special to me, even now as I write this my son is happily nursing and I am loving every minute of it. I was so ready to give up, so ready to call it quits. If not for Jaqueline I might have! But now nursing is no longer painful, it's not something I dread but now something I enjoy. He and I are both loving this new nursing relationship we have. Before meeting with Jacqueline my husband and I felt so lost, but thanks to Jaqueline I can now have the nursing experience I dreamed of. We are forever grateful for everything she has done for us. Thank you Jaqueline!

Holistic Lactation Review


Having my first baby I assumed that breastfeeding would be a breeze, I mean everyone made it look that way! It was so much more challenging than I had thought. I initially tried to get help from the lactation consultant at the hospital but only found myself frustrated as she tried to make me fit a cookie cutter mold and forced my baby to feed and latch. It was not helpful. Jacqueline was polar opposite. First off, coming to my home helped me to be far more relaxed as she worked with us in our environment. She also weighs the baby before and after feeding so that you know how much they're actually eating. This really helped to put me at ease to know that he's getting what he needs. I think my favorite part about Jacqueline is how knowledgeable she is about the body and overall health of the baby. She is a true expert in her field! Additionally she makes herself available to you for questions and concerns which is really helpful and comforting.
Dealing with a tongue tie and upper lip tie, we had a challenging and frustrating few weeks, but Jacqueline truly helped to make the process easier and educate me in how to best help my baby.

Patient Services


Work With Me

Are you ready to give yourself & your baby the priceless gift of successful breastfeeding?



In Home

90 minute comprehensive evaluation & care investigating full history and current complaints, working through immediate issues

(Includes hands-on help including weighted feeding, oral assessment, pump check, and more)

Goals: provide initial assessment, solutions to current complaints, plan of care for next steps




Video & Text

4 30-minute video appointments providing the most comprehensive breastfeeding and lactation management

24/7 access to secure text messaging to get support between appointments

Goals: provide initial and continued support to ensure the highest level of breastfeeding success




Video Only

60 minute comprehensive evaluation investigating full history and current complaints, working through immediate issues to manage breastfeeding and lactation complications

Includes: secure text-messaging to support you between appointments

Goals: provide initial working assessment, solutions to current complaints, plan of care for next steps




Video Only

25 minute brief consult or follow up providing primarily lactation and breastfeeding management and brief assessment.

Perfect for questions about puming, going back to work, solid foods, plugged ducts, medication compatibility, and more!

Goals: continue adjusting care plan or brief breastfeeding counseling and treatment

I accept health or flex spending account card, credit card, or debit cards.* 

*I do not bill your insurance company, but I do provide a superbill for you to submit claim directly to your insurance company.

(See FAQ below for more details)

Monica C.

“Jacqueline is a beacon of light in the darkness.”

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