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We have a team of lactation consultants, registered dietitians, nurses, and orofacial myologists, to help you tackle even the most difficult breastfeeding problems. We use a modern holistic approach to treat a breadth of breastfeeding & lactation conditions, using virtual capabilities like live video and in-app communication to provide top-notch care.

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Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC

Hey there! I'm Jacqueline,

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant & Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology who treats infants and lactating parents. I treat a breadth of conditions with a modern & holistic approach, utilizing virtual capabilities and in-person clinical care to provide treatment that otherwise may not be available. I'd be so honored to serve you.

Conditions We Work With:

Low Milk Supply \ Tongue, Lip & Buccal Ties \ Oversupply \ Food Intolerances \ Reflux \ Latching Problems \ Thrush \ Pumping \ Bottle Feeding \ Prenatal Prep \ Starting Solid Foods \ Mastitis \ Clogged Ducts \ Adoptive Breastfeeding \ Relactation \ Sleep Issues \ Weaning & Night Weaning \ and more...

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Client Testimonial

"Jacqueline was a godsend to us as parents. She actively listened to us, and thoughtfully advised us through our many breastfeeding challenges. Her oversight of our son’s tongue, lip and cheek tie surgery and post-surgery care was above and beyond. She quickly put our fears to rest when we had concerns, and referred us to trusted specialists when needed. She is a consummate professional with the perfect combination of knowledge, patience and compassion. We are so grateful for her positive contribution to our child’s development. We can’t recommend her enough."

-Brandon, Keri and Gage Gartley


What We Do


You CAN Breastfeed Your Baby, and Do It with Confidence

If you’re a breastfeeding mom looking to resolve ANY problem you're having, so you can have an enjoyable, confident, and sustainable breastfeeding experience--you’re in the right place!

We help women like you go from about-to-give-up to surpassing your breastfeeding goals. We work closely with you to through compassionate support and boldly honest answers to what’s *really* going on so you can confidently enjoy breastfeeding your baby.


Who Do We Serve? 

  • Moms who've have tried it all but feel like there's nothing else that will work (spoiler alert: there is!)
  • Moms with babies that are facing complex challenges like tongue/lip/buccal ties, food sensitivities, non-latching babies, recurrent mastitis, relactation, low milk supply, and more
  • Families that are looking for education, support, how to know if things are going well, reassurance, definitive answers, and no-nonsense advice
  • Moms who supplement, exclusively pump, exclusively breastfeed, and everything in between
  • Any stage of lactation--from pregnancy through toddlerhood and beyond

See what moms like you are saying about working with Holistic Lactation:

Holistic Lactation Review


I regret that I’m just now getting around to writing this, but I couldn’t call my breastfeeding journey successful until just recently. My baby is 3 months old, and I saw Jacqueline and her team when she was almost 2 weeks old. I had so many struggles in the early days, and everyone at Holistic Lactation was so kind, positive, and supportive. They found my daughter’s tongue and lip ties and gave advice that saved our breastfeeding relationship. I thought I would never be able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter, but she has now been exclusively breastfed for about a month! I can’t thank the team at Holistic Lactation enough, and should I run into any issues down the road I will be back in a heartbeat.

Holistic Lactation review


My son was born in April of this year and had severe gas, digestive issues and colic like symptoms after every feeding along with a poor latch. At 8 weeks we decided enough was enough. We were referred to Jacqueline by our family chiropractor and called her right away. Jacqueline was able to make time to see us quickly and confirmed that our son had a lip and a tongue tie which we had suspected. She has expert knowledge and experience when it comes to lip and tongue ties and is great at explaining everything during her consultation. She helped us pre and post correction procedure with helpful exercises and other coping strategies. She goes above and beyond when it comes to lactation care... offering resources, referrals, and other support. She was honest and straight forward with us on things that were tough, but that we needed to hear and was willing to do whatever she could on her end to help us have a positive and successful breastfeeding experience. Today at almost 5 months, our son is doing so well with breastfeeding and he is happy, healthy and thriving. Thanks for all your help and support Jacqueline!

Holistic Lactation review


My entire breastfeeding journey has been improved since working with Jacqueline. I faced struggles due to my baby’s tongue and lip ties, poor latch, low weight gain, poor supply, gut health issues, and dietary struggles. With Jacqueline’s help I have been able to resolve all of these issues (some are still a work in progress!). Prior to working with Jacqueline I felt defeated and unsure if I could meet my goals with breastfeeding. Since working with her I feel confident that I actually can meet my goals and have a great breastfeeding relationship with my baby.

Holistic Lactation review

Dr. Lilly Kessler (UK)

It’s safe to say that when I met Gina I was in a very difficult place with feeding my son. He was 4 months old, completely expressed breast milk fed with a total inability to latch, severe breast aversion bordering on hysteria and I had chronic breast pain caused by an undiagnosed ductal thrush infection. Previously he had fed intermittently with a silicone breast shield but that hadn’t been the case for over a month.

Since birth, my son had been labelled a “reluctant feeder” after an emergency forceps delivery left him with some residual jaw trauma. I had been supported in expressing and was managing to maintain him on breast milk via the bottle but with little or no quality of life for myself - attached to the pump constantly - and with severe breast pain.

I had seen multiple specialists and had multiple interventions including a lactation consultant in my area, the infant feeding team, tongue tie release, osteopath for my son, and my GP. Gina was recommended to me as a “Hail Mary” by my best friend. When we met I was incredibly low, feeding had become so traumatic for both of us. My vision of postpartum life was broken. My only goal was to be able to comfort my son by holding him against me, and if possible regain some “comfort feeding” sessions. 

From our first meeting via zoom Gina was so loving and kind; and clearly incredibly experienced, knowledgeable. She listened to what we’d been through, and for the first time in 4 months I felt understood and heard. Funnily enough we never approached it from a “breast feeding” angle but instead focussed on regulating his emotional state (and mine) all with the aim to rebuild that special bond that we had lost. Never did Gina pressured me to feed in a certain way, and she never ever judged me. Every session was full of support and encouragement. 

Gina and I worked together intensively. She shared key information, exercises and tips and within just a week of work my son had attempted to latch again. I began to allow myself to enjoy our feeding time, learning to appreciate both breast and bottle as a time to connect. For the first time ever I felt happy feeding him. 

I feel overwhelmed writing this because I truly owe Gina so much, I am rejuvenated and restored. Never in my life had something so “natural” been so unnatural for me and to have someone to lean on and to direct me after such a long time of feeling very alone was invaluable. The changes she helped me make have drastically improved our experience of feeding.

I cannot recommend working with Gina enough, if you in a place where you feel hopeless be assured that she can provide love and care and a huge amount of experience and knowledge. With hard work progress can be made and it is possible to learn to love feeding your baby again, no matter which method you choose.

Meet the Team


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Stacy Notestine, RN, IBCLC

Stacy has worked with mothers and babies her entire career, which is nearly 30 years. She is the mom to 4 amazing children and MiMi to 2 beautiful grandchildren.

Stacy began her career as a labor and delivery nurse in 1991 and went into lactation as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2005. She has worked in many different areas: inpatient, outpatient, a clinic, in-home, and in the NICU. She's been an educator teaching families and staff about pregnancy, birth, baby care and breastfeeding since she was fresh out of nursing school. Stacy also has training as a Certified Infant Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher (specializing in Mom & Baby yoga), Doterra essential oils wellness advocate, Reiki Master and has completed the IBCLC Master Class and 2 levels of Craniosacral Therapy.

Stacy founded her private practice, Baby’s Best Beginning, in 2011. She's had the pleasure to assist moms and babies with breastfeeding when things don’t always go as planned. She has a passion for teaching, growing community amongst new moms, and fostering maternal mental health.

Work with Stacy
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Nicole Lattanzio, RDN, CNSC, CSP, IBCLC

Nicole is an IBCLC and pediatric Registered Dietitian. She runs the Instagram account @infant.nutritionist, a resource for families to receive evidence-based information and judgment-free guidance on starting solids while protecting breastfeeding.

Nicole’s professional experience includes working as a pediatric dietitian supporting infants with complex medical conditions, prematurity, and specialized medical diets over the past 7 years. She stepped into the lactation field with the goal to utilize her skills in nutrition and infant growth with supporting maternal breastfeeding goals, developing innovative plans to successfully achieve them when needed as well

Nicole’s areas of expertise in lactation include navigating infant food allergies & intolerances, infants 6+ months of age, and weaning.

Outside of work, Nicole is a wife and mom to 3 littles (11 year old stepson, 4 year old daughter, and nearly-2 year old daughter). She is a breastfeeding mom herself and breastfed her oldest daughter for 22 months and is continuing to breastfeed her youngest. She enjoys powerlifting, baking, and online shopping in her spare time – and of course watching Frozen and playing Barbies because #GirlMom.

Work with Nicole
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Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM

As a leader in breastfeeding & lactation support, Jacqueline serves clients locally and all over the world. She's an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology (which is a fancy name for specialist in oral function).

Jacqueline help mothers competently & confidently breastfeed. She works with clients to remove the compensations they've been using to make things work, and instead achieve functional breastfeeding outcomes. This means she gets to the root cause in order to fix the true problem.

Jacqueline views breastfeeding as a vital sign. How a baby breastfeeds has everything to do with their development later on in life. Whether it's their airway, emotional regulation, neurodevelopment, digestion, and so much more. To her, having difficulty breastfeeding isn't just a breastfeeding problem--it's a health problem.

Her own journey of struggling to breastfeed both of her children is ultimately what led her to this path of holistically support other families to achieve their breastfeeding & lactation goals.

Work with Jacqueline
Gina Nigro, IBCLC

Gina Nigro, IBCLC

Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Gina has been assisting breastfeeding mothers in-person for over 25 years, and now through telehealth all over the world. She understands that while many pregnant mothers expect to breastfeed, almost none receive preparation for the possible difficulties and the rollercoaster of emotions when things are not working.  

Like many new mothers, when Gina had her first baby, she was overwhelmed by conflicting information: at the hospital, at the pediatrician, and from well-meaning friends and family.   

Gina’s realization that she would have missed out on the experience of pain-free breastfeeding had it not been for the support she received, led her to want to “pay it forward” and help others. She first trained as a volunteer breastfeeding counselor in Houston, Texas, then as a birth doula in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and finally sat for the exam to become an IBCLC in Seville, Spain. She continues to lead monthly breastfeeding support meetings online and in-person.  

Gina believes that all mothers deserve quality emotional and educational support so they can have an amazing experience breastfeeding their babies. It shouldn’t be just a matter of good luck. She's dedicated to giving mothers effective guidance and caring support with real results. Her greatest satisfaction is the joy of seeing that look on both mothers’ and babies’ faces that says: Just what I always wanted!  

Work with Gina
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Cait Ahern, BS, IBCLC

Cait is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Birth Educator with her degree in Child and Adolescent Development. She helps families with the whole spectrum of infant feeding difficulties—from newborn latch to teething toddlers. Importantly, her training and education have led her to develop a specialty in working with families diagnosed with tongue ties. 

Her passion for infant feeding support blossomed from her own breastfeeding struggles as a first time mom. With a team of help, she was able to overcome the initial roadblocks and nurse her son for two years, and then her daughter a few years later! From these experiences, she knew she had to become part of the support system that uplifts and empowers parents. Now through advocating, education, and personalized support, she helps families reach their feeding goals. 

Cait is a mom of two spectacular and spunky kids, enjoys reading in every spare moment, and loves spending time outdoors in her beautiful home state of Idaho. 

Work with Cait
Brandi Flores

Brandi Flores, LVN, BA, IBCLC

Brandi is a Pediatric Nurse, a Postpartum Doula, as well as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. 

Brandi is a proud member of the International Lactation Consultant Association as well as the Bay Area Lactation Consultants.

She's the mother of four children and had to overcome her own personal challenges in breastfeeding. 

When Brandi was on her own breastfeeding journey, she realized she did not have the support she truly needed regarding lactation. 

From this experience, Brandi decided to become an IBCLC.

Brandi believes there are so many families who need support, and a safe place to go to for help, without feeling judged in their feeding journey. With this in mind, she assists in all aspects of lactation support.

Work with Brandi

Patient Services


Work With Us

Are you ready to give up the struggle & get the help you and your baby deserve?

"She helped me get my latch done correctly (mind you we don’t even live in the same state) that’s how amazing she is"

-- Fatimah F.



In Home

90 minute comprehensive evaluation & care investigating full history and current complaints, working through immediate issues

(Includes hands-on help including weighted feeding, oral assessment, pump check, and more)

Goals: provide initial assessment, solutions to current complaints, plan of care for next steps




Video & Text

4 30-minute video appointments providing the most comprehensive breastfeeding and lactation management

24/7 access to secure text messaging to get support between appointments

Goals: provide initial and continued support to ensure the highest level of breastfeeding success




Secure Video Appointment

60 minute comprehensive consultation investigating full history (health, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding) and current issues, working through immediate challenges to manage breastfeeding & lactation complications, guidance on resolving problems and strategies for ensuring success in meeting your breastfeeding goals.

We review your intake materials ahead of time so the appointment is focused on live assessment of any challenges and plenty of time is available to discuss strategies, treatments and steps to resolve issues.

Includes: secure text, video, & voice messaging for one week to support you after your appointment.

Goals: to work together to ensure you meet your breastfeeding/lactation goals




Video Only

25 minute brief consult or follow up providing primarily lactation and breastfeeding management and brief assessment.

Perfect for questions about puming, going back to work, solid foods, plugged ducts, medication compatibility, and more!

Goals: continue adjusting care plan or brief breastfeeding counseling and treatment

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Emily R.

“I was skeptical about how much help I could receive via zoom, but one hour on the zoom call with her was a million times more beneficial than the 3 previous times I had met with a LC in person.”

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